A day by the sea


I woke up Saturday morning with the birds chirping outside my window, with a small beam of light peeping though the gap in the curtains. Today I was heading to North Wales to a place called Abersoch.

Abersoch has always been one of those places that has the biggest memory about holidays in England for me. We always used to go there and go camping, sit on the beach and take the jet ski out.

As we were driving down, I remembered everything!! the drive, and the places we past so well. Bearing in mind its been over 10 years since I was down there. I was like a child, I just kept saying I remember this and I remember that. Listening to my mums playlist including Dolly Parton and James Blunt, but then on the other hand my dads choices of ACDC and John Newman.

Once we arrived down in Abersoch we went for lunch at a little restaurant called Zinc, where we sat in a booth with a sea view, I had a lovely glass of cold fresh orange juice, with a tuna, mayo and red onion panini, chips and crisps, it was lovely.


We then had a walk around town, went in a few of the beach shops, I was very tempted to buy a new coat, bright red to match my mini, I was very good though and resisted. I did instead ¬†buy a new beanie hat. I do realise we are coming out of winter but I really needed one for when I’m driving with the roof off and it is still windy and cold out.

We then drove down to the beach, parked up changed shoes and headed for a walk along the sands. The beach was peaceful and quiet just couples walking their dogs and children running and splashing in the sea and throwing stones. We walked the length of the beach and back, enjoying the fresh air, towards the end of the day the clouds filled the gaps where the sun peeped through, we headed back to the car park.





We jumped back in the car and headed home we had a two and half hour drive, so I plugged my phone in and put my car playlist on from Spotify and drove back.

What are your favourite travel songs leave your comments below.

Meg x




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  1. Sahara
    February 29, 2016 / 9:24 pm

    can’t beat abit of shania twain!!

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