A Few days in the sun


We were very lucky this year to be able to go on holiday as well as making the huge decision of buying our first house. So off we jetted to Spain in my grandparents Villa. By the time our stressful house buying and moving in process was over my partner and I were very much ready to be in the sun. If I thought buying and moving in was hard, getting used to the independence and having to do everything for myself and someone else was certainly a shock to the system!

We jumped on the plane early hours on Sunday and by dinner time we were already eating lunch on the beach, we couldn’t of asked for anything better, the weather was perfect.

We were only there for 6 days, but this short time was better than no days, we just basically relaxed by the pool, ate and drank. It was the most chilled and relaxing break we could ask for and it was just what we needed after our busy few months.

Heres a little photo dairy of our few days in the sun,









I hope you have enjoyed looking though my pictures as much as it was for me to take them and be in the sun.

What’s been your favourite place to go on holiday? leave comments below would love to hear from you all.

meg x


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