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It was a rainy Wednesday afternoon when I entered the make up floor in Selfridges  Manchester to every girls dream. Lets just say a small obsession has occurred after receiving the sophisticate look for christmas this year, Charlottes easy to apply videos on youtube just make you want more and more of her products.

Not only is the make up to die for but how it feels on your skin is just like silk. The vintage rose gold branding and packaging is just simply divine. The huge counters with big lights all around just draws you in and makes you feel the need to explore.  There may seem like a lot here but I got some of these products as birthday presents.


The first product that I purchased was the magic foundation, I wanted a full coverage foundation that was just the perfect base to build my flawless skin. The CT’s magic foundation exceeded my expectation, before I was using an easy everyday No 7 foundation that I applied quickly in a morning to give me a shine. I’ve had my eye on the magic foundation since christmas, so when the lovely make up artist Marie offered to apply the foundation to help me find my perfect colour how could I say no, but of course she applied more than just foundation and I ended up wanting it all.

The next product I fell in love with was the retoucher, this is something I’ve been after for some time now and I felt like this was the right one, it matched my skin tone and foundation perfectly.

Of course after foundation and retoucher Marie used setting Airbrush flawless finish which works so well it makes your make up last so much longer. I always felt that when you did your make up that by the end of day I wouldn’t look anything like I did at the beginning, but, with this it really does make my make up last so much longer.


The next product I fell in love with was the bronze and highlight. The rose gold casing is so vintage and I love the powder and sculpt brush. The CT brushes are completely different, Charlotte got inspiration for her brushes from an artist, something else I love is that she has cleverly angled them so they will never roll away. The bronze and highlight is perfect for getting the film star look.


I bought 4 of CT’S brushes, starting with the powder and sculpt, this brush is perfect for getting the right amount of product and the brushes are the perfect shape do the job for you.

The second brush I bought was the blusher brush, this brush is made for Charlottes cheek to chic blushers so I knew it was a must for me.

I bought her smudger brush, this is perfect to help you get the smokey look under your lower lash.

The last brush I bought was her eyeshadow blender brush this for me was the ultimate must, I wanted a fluffy brush to help me get the perfect smoky eye!! Done!


The last product and my favourite all them all is the Dolce Vita eyeshadow palette. The different shades of darks and glitters is just lovely, the thing I love the most is that Charlotte Tilbury makes it simple and puts 4 colours that go perfectly together to help you make the perfect look.

Here is a list of all the products if you want to go and check them out:

  • Magic foundation fair 1 – £29.50
  • The retoucher fair 1 – £25.00
  • Airbrush flawless finish fair 1 – £33.00
  • Film star killer cheekbones Bronze and highlight – £49.00
  • Blender Brush – £25.00
  • Blusher brush – £30.00
  • Powder and sculpt – £35.00
  • The Dolce Vita – £38.00

This was a lot to buy all these products, but with the help of birthday presents and money I’m a lucky girl. I just thought it would be nice to review them for you all,  Whats your favourite make up product of brand let me know? In the comments below

meg x




  1. Sue
    February 7, 2016 / 3:18 pm

    Love all the products too, eyeshadows stay good all day x

  2. Sahara
    February 7, 2016 / 7:40 pm

    I’ve recently purchased the airbrush flawless Finnish and I agree it’s helps keep your makeup looking good for longer, it also helps even your skin tone.

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