Jo Malone love affair

My Jo Malone love affair! Starting a short while ago I fell madly in love with almost every scent, stepping into Selfidges I always end up casually walking past the Jo Malone counter more than once or twice hoping the ladies  won’t notice its me again. The scents just keep pulling me in and with my lack of self control I’m straight over, how can you choose when there is just so many amazing smells and lets be honest Jo Malone don’t do a bad scent.


So now to decide what to have. After walking over and picking up the different bottles my original scent that I had in mind became a blur and  I couldn’t decide. I’d received the mini bottle of english pear and freesia at christmas last year as a gorgeous tree box decoration, I had my heart set on that one. But, to confuse me I had  recently received the peony and blush suede candle for a New house present off my parents, the candle only ever gets lit on special occasions or when I need that extra calming time. So after smelling almost every single one I fell in love with with lets have a guess…………..peony and blush suede.

The perfumes are described with 3 tasting notes,

Top Note, is Red Apple, a crisp mouth- watering juiciness of fruit.

Heart Note, An exquisite floral with roses and honey accents and a green freshness, fills the perfume with the scent of peonies.

Base Note, A supple textural note, complementing the floral opulence of peony.


Now lets talk prices, the reason Jo Malone was such a big purchase and a long wait is because the prices are quite expensive. The 30ml bottle will set you back around £43.00 which I’m not going to lie is quite high I feel for the quantity you get, but let me just tell you, this bottle of perfume has been one of the best purchased, the smell just makes me feel so fresh and the bottle size has been really handy to throw in my hand bag, make up bag while I’m out and about.

Now the price for the candles is also quite high, but very much worth it! the candles burn at a perfectly even rate so getting your full moneys worth, I feel with some candles you buy  they just burn straight down the middle without melting all the wax, these candles are very much different. Now the price for the candles are £42.00 for the medium size.

I would love to hear your favourite Jo Malone scents, please leave your comments and recommendations below, I’d love to try another scent soon.

Meg x




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