Mercedes A Class Review….


Welcome to the new series on my blog, the car review section, here each week I will be reviewing a different car and letting you know what I think. These cars will range and I will try to cover a number of different makes and models.


This weeks car that is up for reviewing is the Mercedes A class in white with the color combination black half leather trim with the sports bucket seats, For me this is the perfect color combination. We have also added the black AMG spoiler for a more sporty look.



This is the third generation of this model is 2012-2018.

This A class features night pack and rear camera to help to park into those extra difficult spots, it also has the stylish 18 inch AMG alloy wheels.

The night pack gives the car a sportier expression featuring select design in elements of black from the radiator trim and alloy wheels. The car also has dark tinted glass to help keep those prying eyes from looking inside but also gives it that over all sportier feel. The night pack also comes with black mirror caps.

The drive of the car is smooth with very smooth gear change, making the car enjoyable to drive, i feel this car is practical to drive while you are getting the sportier looks, the car has very little blind spots and is easy to drive for both men and women.

We at Baskeyfields have added the Black gloss AMG styling rear lip spoiler to give the car an extra boy racer or girl racer look to it, making this your perfect new sporty comfortable but practical car. The car is also very practical for everyday life with the 4 door, so you can pile people in the back without having to keep moving the seat forward.

IMG_E2573IMG_2568IMG_2574Now with this being my job, there is so much more I could say about this car but I don’t want to bore you and I could keep rambling but I wont so let me know what you think of this new blog car series. Let me know what everyone’s current car is or even what there dream car is, i would love to hear.

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