My Dream Car



Well Working for the family business can have its perks, i’ve been waiting to drive a Range Rover Evoque for quite some time now, with this being my dream car, One finally came in today and too my excitement I got to not only take a drive but to take it home for the night.

The fuji white metallic paint looks lovely with the full black leather trim, heated seats, automatic, with a panoramic sunroof.

Slipping into the drivers seat, pulling my hands over the black leather steering wheel, adjusting the seat and pulling the car from park to drive. Another thing that makes this car even better is its an automatic, which for me is just an added bonus. The smooth ride was just as I imagined, you just glide. The large pan roof lets so much light in. Getting in the car that has been your dream car for quite some time and its living up to all the expectations and more, has just made me want one more, I really don’t want to take it back tomorrow.







This car was such a dream to drive, its just beautiful, next goal is to be getting one of these, better get saving. Whats your favourite car?

If you would like to look at this vehicle some more, The Website is

Meg x




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