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This is a post I have been meaning to write. I purchased the Happiness planner a couple of months back and I thought I would give a little review on what I’m thinking so far. I am mid way through the diary so I can give my honest opinion on how its going  using the planner.

So, I purchased the mid year planner starting from July- June . I had heard some really good reviews about it and that it had everything you needed all in one place, and of course it looks so pretty too how could I resist buying it!!

My first thoughts were that it was quite a big planner and it looked a lot to fill out, I love the layout of the pages, the different sections of the day broken down daily, so you can plan your meals, exercise and plans for the day. It also has you saying what you’re excited about for the day and what your hoping for tomorrow, I really like this touch. You don’t have to fill in every box every day I found I filled in some boxes some days and others on different days, all depending on my mood, I know you don’t have to fill in every box everyday.  At the beginning of the planner it starts off with a few pages to fill in getting you ready and making notes of the changes you are going to try and make within the 12 months of using the planner. I feel this is a really nice touch. Other notes to make to help the way you’re feeling over the 12 months.This planner has really helped me to get organised and stay positive through out the year, though any ups and downs  iv’e had, the different quotes on the top of the pages is a lovely way to start the day. I feel plenty more organised and looking forward to finishing the planner off this year. Towards the end of the planner you have a review of the last 12 months and pages to complete. All in all a really good way to record your thoughts, hopes and plans.




I would love to hear any recommendations on similar planner, I love my stationary and always love trying new planners.

Meg x


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