Zoeva brush and Palette first impressions.



A beauty brand I have been wanting to try for some time now is Zoeva.  Wandering through Selfridges the other week I came across the brand. Luckily Selfridges is now stocking the Zoeva range. So, I purchased the 15 piece rose gold brush set and the cocoa blend eye shadow palette.



The brushes come beautifully presented in a brown leather Zoeva bag, they are all rose gold and brown looking lovely and soft to hold. The 15 piece brush set makes it really great  to complete your face using such a good selection. I have had these brushes for a couple of weeks now and haven’t yet gone back to any of my other ones. They are so silky and feel soft when applying the make up. I find the brushes are really easy to clean and  are really great to use. I can not believe how happy I am with my purchase they really have changed they way I put my make up on.


Moving onto the Zoeva eyeshadow palette, cocoa blend. This has some really lovely colours, gold, oranges, darks and colours for the evening. I have been looking for a palette I can experiment with and try new looks with. Of course you will know I have really been loving the Charlotte Tilbury palettes, but,  I feel this palette would be lovely in the summer. I have used this a few times now getting some lovely evening looks.

My first impressions of this brand is it’s one of the nicest make up brush brands I have every tried and these brushes have really changed how I apply my make up and how my face looks and my foundation and products feel.

Let me know if anyones tries any Zoeva products, leave in the comments below.

Meg x


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