Huge lush bath bomb haul….


I always think yes I am going to do a lush post but I never get round to it, I always end up using them before getting chance to write and take beautiful pictures. Well! like tonight for example I ended up using one in my bath then thinking while relaxing this time I will write a blog post…. So here I am writing a lush blog post.

I was lucky to get a huge lush gift set box for christmas with 10 lovely bath bombs in. Myself personally I only ever buy the bath bombs from lush, never trying any of there other products. I feel I only ever reach and grab a bath bomb when I feel my skin is in desperate need for some TLC . Well I’m not going to babble on any longer her are the 10 bath bombs in the gift box.


  • Avobath bath bomb £3.50 – This bath bomb I have tried before and instantly fell in love with, it made my skin feel amazingly soft and the avocado really hydrated. The uplighting smell of lemongrass wakes me up this avobath is a morning bath bomb getting me ready for the day.


  • Think Pink Bath bomb £4.50- Now this one smelt so amazing I am very eager to try this one not only does the bright pink glitter draw me in, the smell is incredible, fabulous fuchsia and the sparkle definately cannot wait to drop this one in my bath.


  • Golden slumbers bath bomb £4.50-  Now whenever I walk into lush or any bath shop I am always drawn to lavender. Lavender is the scent for me that says relaxation. So I was excited when this one was in my gift box. Its lavender and chamomile leads to an enchanted sleep. WARNING !!!! this one stains  your bath and also your skin.


  • Intergalactic bath bomb£4.50-  This one certainly grabs your attention and  is bursting with colour. I was lucky none of the bath bomb in this set smelt too strong or scents that I would pick myself, p.s my boyfriend does know me so well.


  • Dragon’s egg bath bomb £3.95- This is another bath bomb that I haven’t yet tried, but have heard lots about, I cannot wait to try this, the cleansing and the uplifting of the lemon oil and floral smell of the jasmine form the perfect match.


  • Sex bomb bath bomb £3.75-  Now this one is one of my favourite lush bombs ever, I remember the first time I ever used this, the fragments and scents of jasmine roamed though my house for several hours leaving me feeling peaceful and relaxed even after leaving the bath.


  • Metamorphosis £4.50- Now when I pulled this out of the box I immediately thought oh no this isn’t one I would pick up, but after reading the reviews I am now eager to give this one a go. The warming smells of black pepper and cinnamon.


  • Guardian of the forest bath bomb-£4.50 I was drawn to this bomb and  it was the first I grabbed for when deciding which one to pick in tonights bath. The description drew me in…. immerse yourself in a woodland lagoon, mossy greens, and it certainly did. I will be purchasing another before they go.


  • The Experimenter£4.50- Another WOW in colour, even with this multi colour bath bomb, this is another favourite, watching the colours emerge in the bath, the smell of vanilla is calming and soothing.


  • Twilight £3.95- Now this bath bomb I have used before, I love the smell its got my favourite lavender in but I did feel a slight disappointment when dropping this into my bath tub. The first time using this I thought id left it too long after buying it because it just didn’t dissolve in the bath. Purchased another one again to give it another go and used it the first night and it did the same. Shame with being limited bath bombs with the scent of lavender.

The gift set that these bath bombs are in is called The Experimenter £46.95

Right I do apologise for the very long post, congratulations if you made it all the way to the bottom but if you did thank you and leave me a comment below and let me know what everyones favourites are, always open to trying new and I would love to know what everyones recommendations for trying other products from lush.

Meg x x


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