Soap & Glory Review

Walking into boots this week I was on mission to find some skincare products and I headed straight for the soap and glory counter. I decided to purchase soap and glory products because I had heard some really good reviews, so here are my first impressions and the review of these products.

soap and glory

This branding just makes me fall in love with the products, it makes me want to buy it all. Love the simple packaging.


For daily youth, moisture lotion, which is a 6 in 1 active moisture lotion.  I was looking for a moisture lotion that really hydrates my skin and stops it from being so dry. I love all the soap and glory make up so I thought I would try the skincare. So far I am loving it all, they make my face and skin feel so smooth and soft. The for daily youth,  It is a 6 in 1 multi action. Hydration  a collagen- stimulating complex of 8 moisture active ingredients, the ingredients are as follows: coconut, sesame seeds, soybean oils, plant- derived squalene, sodium hyaluronate, hyaluronic acid, glycerine and centifolia flower. I choose this because I wanted a light, not to heavy lotion on my face. My first impression was the scent was so nice, so fresh and it made my face feel lovely afterwards almost instantly. This can be used as a morning and night face moisture. The product price is £12.00, but boots had an offer on so the price was £9.00. I feel that this product is very affordable especially  with the offer on and I always  use my boots card so that Iget my points. I love and will be using every morning.


This next product is my favourite out of the 3 products, this one makes my face feel the nicest and softest. You apply this cream just before sleep or a long flight I have brought this to use before bed. The packaging says it floods your skin with moisture and it really does. It skin- repairs bio, a naturally active milk thistle-derived complex that replenishes, strengthens, firms and repairs. What I really love about this night cream is that it really does go on lovely it works so well, its more like a soothing moose you are putting on your face. Beauty sleep is formulated to work intensively for overnight. Beauty sleep is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A & C. I have been using this every evening before bed and after taking all of my make up off,  The retail price is £13.00, at boots there is an offer and I got it for £9.75. Which I am also very happy with the price. In the past I have used a nivea sensitive face everyday face moisture and my face still seems dry so I am very happy with this product.



Finally my third product that I brought was face soap and clarity, 3 in 1 daily detox vitamin c facial wash. It has got ultra soft scrub beads plus vitamins and amino acids and soap and glory exclusive super fruit yuzu complex. It effortlessly removes make up and gently exfoliates. My First impression was that it smelt lovely minty and very fresh. You put  a grape size amount onto damp hands and apply to a damp face. Its lovely on your skin, I like that it is something I can use everyday on my face that just makes my face feel fresh and ready. This retails at £8.00 but with the offer at boots I got it for £6.00, which I feel is very affordable and just makes my face feels amazing.


The three face products I decided to purchase and review, when going into boots I was after products to make me feel hydrated and fresh and to stop my face from feeling dry. After just over a week of using these my face has been feeling the best its been in a while its just so hydrated, smooth and fresh. I would definitely recommend.

Meg x


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