Abarth: A new favourite ……


Well today we got a new part exchange in at work and this little Abarth 595 Competizione has changed my opinion on fiat.

I have always thought they are quite popular cars and you do see them everywhere but this Abarth 595 Competizione has changed my opinion and guess what I am in love.



We do not normally get the chance to take in such an intriguing car and I immediately fell in love. It’s small and sporty and I could not wait to take in for a spin. The car comes with so many must have extras which just makes this car perfect. I think this could be my new guilty pleasure, This is the perfect car for someone looking for that small sporty feel and it’s got all the gadgets to back it up. This car has it all.

IMG_E0386 IMG_E0384 IMG_E0374

Just a few of my favourite features in this limited edition Abarth 500 are the carbon fibre bucket sports seats with matching flat bottom multi function steering wheel. This car also has beats sound system which will make your everyday trip to the boring place we call work a lot more entertaining with a touchscreen to help navigate through your favourite tracks and control your bluetooth. (which between you and me is just perfect for those Monday blues and the Friday feeling that we know all too well)

The external look this car features stunning 17 inch gloss black wheels with Brembo red brake calipers, with rear parking sensors to help you successfully park this sporty small car into any space. The rear spoiler gives it the sporty look teaming up with Abarth Monza double twin exhaust. This is definitely your boy racer style car but who says only boys can have the sporty racer cars.


This is defiantly a new firm fav of mine and I’m sure if you sat in and drove this it would be yours too.

let me know what you think in the comments below.

meg xx


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