Adventure we took in 2018


As always my blog ended up been neglected last year only posting a few blogs, I always have content written out ready to post but busy life, home owners duties and broken computers always seems to get in the way. As it is a fresh new year, im determined to get back into writing posts and creating content for you read.

So being me, there were some content from last year that I am wished I had posted so im putting together an overview of a few little road trips and adventures you didn’t get too see. So brace yourself this one might be a long one.

Firstly we had some lovely weather the in the spring/summer of 2018 which all UK residents know we don’t get very often get here in the UK, where I live I am very lucky to live close to somewhere called trentham gardens, where there’s lovely restaurants, coffee shops, smoothie bars and endless shops, But also the beautiful Italian gardens were we spent most of our Sunday’s here, walking though the gardens and around the 3 mile lake, Tasting all the different sungburys ice cream flavors, Or even taking a picnic blanket and letting the days go.




The second adventures we took were a set of road trips we took down to abersoch in wales. We took little road trips down on the Friday evening for the weekends. Luckily abersoch is only about 3 hours away so not a bad little drive after work, me not ever camping before was excited to try something new and knowing we were not going to be having a holiday abroad this year we were open to trying new things. The little seaside village doesn’t consist of much but is a lovely little spot to visit a few clothes shops, walk along the beaches, eat plenty of yummy food and drink plenty of gin.

After a few weekends of traveling down to abersoch we wanted to try somewhere a little further, so we booked some time off work and took a road trip down to Devon. We were so lucky the weather we had was just lovely red hot sun us Brits couldn’t of ask for a better weather to be by the sea. We decided to wake up early and tackle the 4 1/2 hour drive down early, starting the drive at 6am, very blinking early for me may i just say. Arriving at about 10.30 after only one coffee stop and no getting lost, we were very proud of ourselves. We visits many different spots with our time down there including Dartmouth, brixham, torque and salcombe.



That concludes our adventures for 2018 but there more to come for 2019 were looking forward to vising some old favorites and visiting some new destinations with a new little fury addition and travel and camping upgrades.

See you all next time.

meg x x x





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