Getting a puppy, What to expect…



About 6 months ago we made a huge decision and decided to get a puppy. This was a massive decision for myself as if I am being 100% honest I am not he biggest animal lover as such. After myself and my boyfriend have been together for 6 years and lived together for almost 3 we were ready to make another commitment and take the next step in our relationship.


After researching plenty of different breeds, there were a few criteria points that were a must when selecting what breed of dog we wanted. My mum being very allergic to all animals it was important we wanted a hypoallergenic dog that didn’t smell, molt or at least molt minimal amounts. Needed to be small and happy to be living in a small house, luckily we have a good size garden for lots of running around space.It was between a toy poodle, bichon frise, Maltese or a cross breed, we decided to go for a toy poodle cross with a bichon frise (poochon)




So the search for a poochon puppy began, we spent a few weeks looking, we found a litter of 8 in Walsall not to far away from us about 1 hour away arrange a visit and immediately fell in love and it we just had to have her.¬† We didn’t have to wait too long to pick her up 2 weeks. Then she was 8 weeks old and ready to collect. We busied ourselves over those two weeks making sure we got everything ready for the poochon to arrive.


We made sure we had everything for her arrival bowels, food, blankets, crate, toys, beds and harness. We went to collect our little fluffy girl on the 7th September 2018 after work. We decided to call her Millie.

The arrival, we made sure we had some time booked off ready to spend a few days with her letting her settle into our house and smells. We done so much research and spoke to many different people on she would be weather she would cry though the night etc.. We collected her and she cried for about  full day, but sleeping throughout the night only waking up in the night once at 4.oo am and then again a 6.30am. But has now slept though the night but only a few sleepless nights over bonfire night and new year.

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We quickly learned that she took a while getting used to going anywhere new crying most places, hated the car, tried a car bag now that was a terrible idea and also a a couple of weeks into our first walks cries happened but all the crying has stopped now.

Millie personalty is perfect active, loving, affectionate and clever, each day shes coming more and more out of her shell. She so loving always so affectionate for cuddles on the sofa and but also loves a walk and being outside she defiantly is the perfect puppy.

I will keep you updated on our little Millie progress from puppy to adult and all things in between, there’s so many pictures i could pick to show you it was so hard to choose.

Meg x x x


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